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Bishop-Bible 1568 Bible,
Complete Bible, All 66 Bible Books both Old and New Testaments.




(  Example  ) :




Revelation 1:  

Chapter 1:20 Verses  

66 Revelation  

(Bishops 1568) .  

66-1:1      The reuelation of Iesus Christ, which God gaue vnto hym, for to shewe vnto his seruautes thyngs which must shortlye come to passe: And when he had sent, he shewed by his Angel, vnto his seruaunt Iohn,  

66-1:2      Which bare recorde of the worde of God, and of the testimonie of Iesus Christe, and of all thinges that he sawe.  

66-1:3      Happy is he that readeth, and they that heare the wordes of this prophesie, and kepe those thynges which are written therin, for the tyme is at hande.  

66-1:4      Iohn to the seuen Churches in Asia: Grace be vnto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come: and from the seuen spirites which are before his throne,  

66-1:5      And from Iesus Christe, which is a faythfull witnesse, and first begotten of the dead, and Lorde ouer the kynges of the earth: Unto hym that loued vs, and wasshed vs from our sinnes in his owne blood,  

66-1:6      And made vs kynges and priestes vnto God his father, be glorie and dominion for euermore. Amen.  

66-1:7      Beholde, he commeth with cloudes, and all eyes shall see hym, and they also which pearsed hym: And all kinredes of the earth shall wayle before hym. Euen so. Amen.  

66-1:8      I am Alpha and Omega, the begynnyng and the endyng, sayth the Lorde almyghtie, which is, and which was, and which is to come.