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General Information




Who is “BibleRick”?


The BibleRick Team Members Consist of,


First and Foremost God,

My Awesome Wife Debra,

And Our Four Awesome Daughters, Aliha, Kiana, Cherie and Vanessa.

And Me Rick, a.k.a. BibleRick


Without The Support of God,

This Web Site Would Not Be Possible…!!!



Where did the Name “BibleRick” Come From?


The word “Rick” means, (A rick of wood or a rick of hay.)


The Bible makes a reference to A Rick ( bishoprick ) in The Book of Acts:


Acts 1:20    For it is written in the book of Psalms,

Let his habitation be desolate,

and let no man dwell therein:

and his bishoprick let another take.


So I thought, because there are stacks/ricks of Bible information here

(It’s A Rick of Bible information) Thus BibleRick.



Why did I make this Web Site?


Simply To Provide a Free and Simple Place

For Everyone around the World to Read and Study The Bible.


It’s just that Simple!


The BibleRick Web Site contains:

The Bibles,


and Dictionaries


The Download contains,           (Everything that is on the Web Sites.)


The Most Accurate and Complete Word List/Concordance

of Every Word in the The King James 1769 Version of The Bible.


Every Word, Not One Word is Left Out, or Added.

100% Complete and Accurate!!!


It has enhanced the quality of my Bible Study time immensely.

For Organizing, Storing and Keeping my Bible Notes.